Welcome to the Envest Group

“Every economic threat also represents an inspiring challenge to those who are bold and creative enough to rise up to it. Investment in the technologies and products and the new energy infrastructure that will shape the low carbon future offers a huge opportunity to businesses large and small around the world”

Nancy Skinner, Director, The Climate Group

Envest Group is a private investment and advisory company.

Over the last 16 years it has participated in a diverse range of projects within the property, insurance, tourism, agriculture, water, software, manufacturing, technology and pharmaceutical sectors. With such a varied range of commercial transactions and knowledge across industry segments and markets, Envest utilises that expertise to assess and source investment opportunities.

In the last 5 years Envest has turned its focus towards sustainability ventures by identifying prospective investments, committing funding and securing new capital to develop and grow the acquired business’s platform.

Providing services in Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and throughout the Asia Pacific region, Envest concentrates on securing projects end to end, from management team selection to takeout’s and exit strategies, to ensure they are viable long term business endeavours.